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How to Keep Your Hijabs Clean and Look Brand New

by Ibrahim Radi on Jun 13, 2020

How to Keep Your Hijabs Clean and Look Brand New


If you wear a hijab every single day yet don’t think twice about taking care of it – you are not alone. Believe me, you’d be surprised. It’s very easy to just throw it off as soon as you get home and don’t think twice about the creasing or delicacy of the material until you have to wear it again the next day.

Even those of us who actually take the time to care for their hijabs have normal wear and tear damage that can take a toll on our go-to favourites. Here are a few hijab care tips we think will help keep your hijabs in great shape for all seasons and occasions.

1. Wear an Underscarf

If you wear your hijab directly on top of your hair, whatever hair products you have on your hair will rub and smear all over your hijab. It can also cause hair damage if the material of the hijab isn’t soft or light. By wearing an underscarf, preferably silk, it can make your hijab look much smoother on your head and keep your delicate hijab clean.

For those of us who like trying new hijab styles and trends, we use the help of pins. The thing is, many of us use the wrong techniques when doing so and end up ruining the threading of our beloved hijabs. By using special pins designed to do exactly what you are looking for while not tugging at the threading of the hijab, you can complete your look discreetly and achieve your style.

3. Handwash as Much as Possible

It sounds so old school but believe me – it works. Most hijabs are made from soft and light fabric that can be more easily damaged by the spinning of a washing machine. Separate your lights from your darks to prevent staining on your lighter coloured hijabs.

4. Air Dry

Hang dry your hijab on a towel bar in your bathroom to help maintain their shape. You can also lay them on a flat surface. If you prefer to hang them to dry outside, but make sure it's in a shaded area away from direct sunlight to avoid fading of the fabric.

5. Iron on Reverse Side

If you need to smooth out the material and are in a rush, you can use an iron. Make sure the iron temperature is as low as possible and press on the reverse side of the fabric. If it is a silk hijab, make sure the hijab is still a little damp when ironing to not burn the material.

6. Treat Stains as Soon as Possible!

If you can get to a sink as soon as you get a stain on your hijab, spot treat it ASAP! The sooner you get rid of it, the better the chances you’ll be able to save your hijab. Just use a dab of detergent, dish detergent works best, and work on the stain with your fingertips. You only need to wash the stained part and the small surrounding area in cold water. If you don’t have access to running water, just blot clean by using a paper towel to dab the stained area.

Pro Tip: sunscreen, lotions, and makeup usually have oil in their products. By using dish detergent on these stains, it can effectively help lift the oils off your hijab without damaging the material.

7. Store Your Hijabs in a Different Area From the Rest of Your Clothes

Keep all your hijabs in clean and dry areas. I personally like to fold and place my hijabs in a separate drawer from the rest of my clothes. If they are regular wear ones, I usually hang them but also separate from my other clothing so that no zippers or pieces of other clothing get caught on them.

For my special occasion hijabs, I like to roll them and store them away from my other hijabs.





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