All purchases made at our website can join our promo. Lazada and Shopee are not eligible to join.



1. You must purchase a Hijab at our website to join the promo.
2. You must take a picture of yourself wearing your Hijab and upload it on your instagram and tag us using #MHCommunity.
3. You can only join within the month you have purchased your Hijab.
4. You will have (1) raffle chance to win the monthly promo.
5. Every first monday of the month will be the announcement of winners.



Mariam purchased her Hijab at Modesti Hijab last August 10, 2019 then she uploaded a picture of her wearing her hijab at her own instagram account with a hashtag #MHCommunity. She will have a chance to be a winner for the August - Win a Hijab Promo that will be announced on the first monday of the coming month.
Announcement of Winners
Raffle Date Winner
October 7, 2019
November 4,2019
December 2, 2019